Antonella Fabiani

I work in color and on medium format film [6x4.5] with an old Bronica Zenza Ersi from the mid-1970s. This is a bulky camera - weighting about 2Kgs when fully equipped with lens and film magazine - yet one of the greatest tool I have so far carried around.

In the island of Sal, Cape Verde, where people are warm and welcoming, despite my limitations with Portuguese language, I often find myself explaining how my camera works, surrounded by passer-bys curious to see what I am doing and what is ’in there’, as I give prolonged and scrutinising looks from above the lens, share the space with them, and we all compose the frame flipped sideways [!]. Images taken under these circumstances, are amongst the most special of the last two decades: landscapes, nights, stars, people, and nature [including dogs].

When some people may think that using film is slow and expensive and takes too much efforts, aka digital is the only way forward - so long there will be film, I will keep using it, because in the end it’s the journey that count: what film you chose, where you decide to take it and what you decide to frame, including your respect for anyone around you, aka those who may not have access to photography, nor wish their portraits to be stolen without knowing or being asked...